What do you call Success ?   

What is holding you back.  Are you moving towards your goals or are they still on the “to do list”

Are you frustrated where you are in life. Do you know what you desire.  Not just I want to be “RICH” That’s BS when I ask people to quantify it. 99% of people can’t tell what rich means.

I know a lot of RICH people who are 110% flat out in life. Too busy to enjoy the simple things.  Working 7 -7,  7 days a week. Not for me.  Sitting on your Bum in the park with kids costs nothing (or may $20 for fish & chips).

Personally to me being rich is being able to take my children to school & be around once a week for them a t school may be Friday afternoon sport or painting.  When all the other parents are still at work.

Or when your kid is sick and you pay the $110 quick service fee at a private hospital to have a doctor look at your child immediatly not 10 hours later.  – Now that is when I appreciate having money to spend no Questions asked. (Of course your kid will get better 2 seconds after you pay the service fee and the doctor will look at you like why are you here)

If I have $20 in my wallet and I can buy myself a Bacon eggs breakfast ,spend part of the day with my children and I know my bills are paid. Then Life is great.  Does it always happen no. ! I does happen enough times that it becomes a habit .  

Are you making the choices that get you what you want long term. ?? or are selling your future for the 
                                            'Must Have it Now Gods”

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