During the recent rains & flooding did your property manager  call you to stay in touch telling you what happening or better still what had not happen. 

I always like the reassurance that they took a minute to check on my property isn't that what we are paying them for ?

The All Good Phone Call

" Sorry Paul it took so long we have had a few houses flood, Yours is ok, but do you mind if I send the guy around to vacum your cutters after the dry summer, they are probably full of leaves its will cost about $170" 

Sure good thinking.  

She only rang at 2pm that day after some places flooded the night before.

Did  your property manager give your a courtesy call or even an email ??

Have you trained your  manager to call you ?? Or are you like most property owners.. It will be right.

Then when they ring do you reward them by with a thank you note.. 

(Yes Old School but still a winner, when did you last get a thank you note ??)

Or maybe a simple box of chocolate's... 

Would that make you stand out.. 

Or will you be like all the other land lords complain when you get no service... 

Help  them do their job .. They will help you 

Try it  

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