$195 Renovation


A $195 Renovation

Here is a good example of what you can do for less than $200 and a days work.

This is the front our house. it was a Yukky mess full of weeds.  

All my wife ( I sort of helped  with advice & good ideas)  did was rip out the weeds and clean up the area.

Remove the old plands
Put weed mat down
Put in Paver for Statue
Put wholes in in for Mondo Gras
Back fill small white pebbles
Then the large white rocks

Go and get a back massage

Statue  FREE  (It cost $70 when we bought it but he was sitting in the back yard )
White Rocks small     $ 40
Large White Rocks     $110
Small Plant                $ 30
Weed mat                  $ 10
Paver                         $5

Here is a challenge. What can you do over the weekend and $200.

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