Baby Boomers To Retire in 2010

2010 is the year Baby Boomers are scheduled to start to retire.  I wonder how many of them will be able to afford to retire?  After the GFC and from recent newspaper articles, I think not too many  Just before Xmas I was at a seminar on retirement in the year  2010 and onwards. I think I was the youngest person in the room and yet the happiest. It was very disheartening listening to some of their stories.

The only thing more disharting was how many see no future for themselves except the pension of $330pw

Now I can’t change the future for all of these people. It could have been very different though. Most have had good jobs and good income over the years. Over time they had not been short of a dollar, yet not a single person had really done anything for their future.

Best example was a $100 pw for salary sacrifice. – Big DEAL… does not amount to much when you retire though.

What if for the last 10 Years they had been buying oneinvestment property every 2nd year?

Hmmmm let’s see - that would be 5 Properties + Rent + Equity.

Would they have Equity of over $1,000,000? Yes they would!!!!

Or their choice of $330 pw @ Age 67 on the pension….

Which one would you choose??????

Just think how things could be different for you if you take action NOW.

Think how life could be if the pension was a choice, not a necessity, just to be able to live. See what the official Australian Government website says about baby boomer and there impact on the tax system…


The Baby Boomers retiring will dramatically impact the Australian

TAX Payer. Guess who that is? It is YOU. Some one has to pay for them and all their medical expenses.

What will be your kick in the Bum to take action?

Please don’t letit be when you are age 67.

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