“Check Before Signing”

 I’m constantly meeting people who tell  me they bought a property.
Now things have changed or they never looked into the reason they were
buying it in the first place.

For example:

Wanted to split the block and sell it off.

Never checked with council to see they could do it. The land was too small by 100m. Now  they just have a large block.   GREAT BACK YARD but ….

Great rental return.

Bought off the plan with a rental GUARANTEE.

Had they walked 300m down the road they would have seen similar apartments for rent for $100pw cheaper.
 Only 12 months old.

(Did they check out how much the body corporate is for the complex as it has two pools & a lift —Body Corporate =Thousands)

Wanted a TAX Deduction.

Never actually checked what the value was. Paid $50 000 too much. Easily fixed, look for like for like. Or hell lash out and pay for a valuer YOURSELF. (Cost $300) That’s still cheaper than blowing $50K upfront.

 Easy to sign Easy to regret.
Invest the time before signing anything. 

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