Don't Make this Property Owners Mistake

 I was watching one of the Current Affairs Programs on TV.

Where they had the Poor Land Lord on their telling us his sorry story about the bad Tenants.

They were bad Tenants no doubt about it.  The biggest mistake they made was SELF Manage and give the nice tenant a chance without the correct paperwork.

What could they have done to prevent this.

Or at least reduce the impact. 

 5 Simple Tips

1. Have landlord insurance.  (About $300 a year)

2. Screen tenants up front.  - Yes this will mean the property manager must actually ring the references and see past rental ledgers.  

3. Make sure the property manager carries out the 3 monthly inspections. 

4. Take photos each time they visit.

5. Be proactive with your property manager, keep on top of them.
6. Expect to at least get burnt once with tenants. Its just part of the property game. Just have systems in place for when it does happen.

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