Get the Tenant to pay for there own water Usage

It is now possible to have the tenant pay for the water they use.

Steps Required in Queensland

Get a plumber to do a Water Efficiency test. Your agent should be able to book this.  

$120 Approx should take about 40 minutes.

In QLD water wise will give you a new shower head & replace a couple of tap washers for $50.
Best $50 you will ever spend. 

Write the water usage into the lease to be paid for by the tenant into the lease. 

      I know some you will be going why bother ??. It’s only a few hundred dollars. Well you can just call me and give me that few hundred dollars. For being LAZY.  No you won’t do that so why not on the phone to your property manager and get it ready for the next time it becomes vacant so you can write into the new lease.

I have to ask why hasn’t your property manager called you to say you can do this ??? – I thought they were on your side.  So get on the phone and keep the extra hundred or so dollars


Check with your own State rules. Each state has its own rental Tenancy Authority.

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