What are you doing on a Hot Sunday

I hope you are not sitting at home in a HOT house. !!!  
Like some people I know. 

I just got back from the beach with the kids when my Wife asked me to go
to Bunnings to buy some Ant Powder so we can have a BBQ today
without worrying about the kids getting stung.  

On the way to Bunnings I drove past an OPEN for inspection.  
As I drove past the agent looked a VERY Hot.  (Maybe they didn't have fans inside) 
Guess what when I came back he was still there all by himself.  

Hard way to make a buck on a Sunday.   

What's the lesson here.  
Don't do open houses when its hot - NO  

When there is no competition you have a great chance of getting a bargain.  

If no one is showing up how do you think the vendor feels - 
a Bit worried. ,
Stressed ,
Unsure of their future.    
Now team this situation is great if that is property you want to buy.      

Homework   Have a look to see what is for sale when everyone else is off playing.  
As I guarantee someone will find a bargain in the next 6 weeks.   Happy Hunting  

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