The Housing Shortage Part # 2

What can you do ?

If you are more proactive:
 -Buy a few houses in one street with some friends.
- Could you get a group together and buy a block of units. With the aim to renovate as a group and add value
- Buy a large block of land with the aim to subdivide and sell off over time. 
- Buy with the plan to change the zoneing to units or  Town houses. 
- Take options on properties in area's that have the best chance of growth. Then exercise the option when the market moves in you favour. 
- Start building while demand is low and builders are keen and will offer deals. 

The Devil is in the detail 

- Who find will the property
- How much option money will you pay / How long do you want the option for.
- Who will project manage the renovations. 
- Who is my end customer. Is it  for sale or rent. 
- Will the councill approve my applications.
- Who will talk to the builders ?

As always you need to do your own checks. Remember it is possible just don't rush. Nor wait another 10 years. 

Good Luck 



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