How To Benefit From The Future Housing Shortage

You know there is going to be an undersupply of property in the next 10 years. 
What do you do about it. or how do you make money out of it.

You can start now by

Buying low cost (Not problems), well located properties, Not mansions.

What should you be looking for?
- Is it near jobs
- Is there schools, parks, shops near by.
- Has the Government invested in the area. Ie Hospitals roads, Bridges
- Is the council looking after the area.
- Good rental area.

Do I need to buy big property ?.

 In my opinion I think not. Recently we have been buying a lot of dual occupancy properties. Hardly ever vacant.
 If you can't afford a dual occpancy property for $450,000- $500,000. Why not start with a small low cost house that could use a renovation or a 2bed unit in a small block of 4.

Yes you can still buy a house in a good location for less than $250,000. Why are they such a low price? becuase they
are not well maintained. Yet still rent for $250pw today.

Or Units within the 10 KM Radius of the Brisbane CBD for less that $320,000

Most people could do this with less than a $20,000 deposit. Hmmmmm

Treat it Like Kids Cloths in Winter.
If you are parent you will understand this. When its winter all the summer cloths are going out the door for like 70% off. So you buy a heap for next year. (Hoping you got the right size & they don't get TRENDY on you.)
So when it comes summer you are glad you have an extra 5 shirts for them to change in a day (that you paid $3 for).
Or is it just my kids who feel the need to change cloths every 5 minutes

The aim is to buy for when the growth comes back. It needs to be a good deal still ie a good renter, easy to finance.

Just make sure it costs as little as possible and has massive upside.

EXAMPLE - Just Seen Today

 4 Bed house
 2 Bathroom
Asking $259,000 

renting for $440 pw (in growth corridor.)

No not a typo.
(No I haven't checked to see all the rooms are legal or the lease is fair- But it made me pick up the phone and call the agent  as it made my short list.  Just waiting on the agent to confirm a few things in writing)

Hows that for a few ideas and I haven't even started yet.

What  if you have more funds or have friends. Next week  I will give you a few more ideas that you can be more proactive on.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas so far.


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