Tip - How to Make your house have the greatest rent appeal 

Renters are people like us. They just want the same as us.

Clean, Fresh bright home.
This can be done simply by a coat of paint & new light bulbs.
Good security, locks, security screens
Built in wardrobes.
Great Kitchen. ( These can be done for $4,000 to $8,000 from scratch)
Dishwashers are the norm today. Not a nice to have.
Is the carpets in good condition. Tired is Ok but thread bare is BAD.

Smells are bad - Get rid of them. This is a must do.

Street appeal - does it look clean and looked after when U drive up or an unkept mess.

Easy caregardens means - pay for lawn service. I do as I hate mowing the lawn & cutting trees.

Good luck


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