How to Start  Your Savings Plan.  

1. Open a seperate Bank Account Just for savings. (Call it the Home Acc)

2.  Start a savings plan $20 gets it going.

3. Work out a budget. .

4. Sell junk on ebay & put the cash in your home account.

5. Get a book(Cost $1) and keep it with you every day and write down every dollar you spend.

6. At the end of the week / month review your spending and ask yourself did I need to buy that.

7. Aim to save 10% of your gross wage. 
                For example if you earn $50,000 a year thats $5,000 or $100pw.
                If $100 seems hard start at $20 then build up as you go.

Next moth  I will list the top 10 money wasters.

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