It should come as no surprise to you that 95% of people do not follow through on their new year’s resolutions or even spend time setting a new goal / resolution.  

The new year is the time most people start to think about setting gaols. Normally it’s about 5 minutes before they walk out the door to a new year’s eve party. Then the moment is lost for another year or until someone asks you “What goal did you set for the new year ?”.

With that knowledge I have written a quick 5 minute guide to staying on track with your goals . As I know that most people will not read a 20 page e-book on how to set goals, let alone take the time to sit down and write out their goals for 2012.

Why Set Goals

Goal setting is a very powerful process when done properly; heck even if you do it badly then you are at least 50% of the way there compared to doing nothing.

There are many reasons why to set goals. Some reasons are:

·                  Gives direction / have small action steps to aim for daily

·                  A better life

·                  Helps with your purpose

·                  Builds your self confidence

·                  Helps maintain momentum

So what are your reasons for setting goals ??

Only you can answer that question, it’s worth spending the time thinking about that question and the impact it will have on your life when achieve that goal.

The most common goals are:

·                  Lose weight

·                  Get fit / Go to the Gym  

·                  Quit smoking

·                  Make more money

·                  Travel

·                  More family time.

·                  Relax

·                  Get a better Job

·                  Quit a bad Habit

What do you see wrong with these goals?

They are not detailed, specific or measurable.


You need to have a WHY as part of your goals.

Will it be better health so you can see your children when you are  older ?  or

Work less so you can spend time with your wife & children.

There is no right or wrong reason.


 A good way to set goals is to use the SMART Format.

SMART stands for:

·         S - Specific

·         M - Measurable

·         A - Attainable .

·         R - Realistic

·         T - Time.

 – "I will loose 9Kg by the 20 Dec 2012 and look fabulous  or fit into my favourite jeans“

This is a much better goal than "Don’t be fat any more or just lose weight."

Notice two key things about the this goal it has

It was as specific goal  ### loose 9Kg and a set date. 20 Dec 2012 ###

Now you have your goals written out do two things

·                  Put them up somewhere you can see them every day. (Toilet door fridge, steering wheel or your car, screen saver, mobile phone wall paper)

·                  Secondly break the goal into bite size tasks. Then plan a time line to work towards ie visit the library every Thursday after work and get a new investment book. (making sure you had read the one from last week)

Whatever you do make sure you MAKE TIME for the big things in your life like.

·                  Family

·                  Health

·                  Relationships

·                  Me Time (or You time)

Because once you let the little things get in the way people find it hard to go back and put the big things in their life that is really important.    

How to Make Goal Setting Work

·                  Set aside time to do write out your goals

·                  Learn to say NO. you don’t have to do everything.

·                  Be precise on what you want in detail

·                  Prioritise what is the most important? Is it a worthwhile goal or a nice to do?  

·                  Break the goal down into small bite size tasks / steps.

·                  Set milestones.

·                  Aim to work towards your  goal for 21 days so it becomes a habit for example go for a walk for just 20 minutes every 2nd day. At 5.30  

Or read a non fiction book for 20 minutes before bedtime. 

·                  Check in with yourself how are you going, is it still a goal you want

·                  Get a buddy to be accountable to. Someone who will support you not judge. Maybe a walking partner who lives in your street.


Create a Vision Board

Get a large sheet of cardboard and cut out picture of the goals you want in your life for example a picture of your car. The exact colour make, pictures inside how about a photo of you sitting in the car. 

 Common Mistakes People Make

·                  Stay away from coffee groups who just meet. I have seen many people team up to have coffee but never actually discuss their goals and make each other accountable. I love having coffee chats, just know why you are there to socialise or keep each other on track 

·                  Not writing out your goals saying “ I know them that’s enough”

·                  Beating yourself up when you have a setback.

·                  Not taking action. Yes you need take action.

·                  Trying to fill another person dream. Is it really your goal or someone else’s

·                   Trying TOO hard.

·                  Putting too much on your plate and causing burn out.

Celebrate Success or reaching a Mile Stones

Some people say you shouldn’t celebrate your success as it creates in your mind that success is a one off event. Personally I say stuff it celebrate just make sure the reward is appropriate for the result.  I’m big on 1 step at a time is success with small rewards.

“Progress is more important than perfection”

What If I Don’t Succeed

Who cares you are still heading in the right direction, taking action, have momentum and you will have great inner feeling of success.

Is it not better to be 50% closer to your goal than not even  be heading in that direction?

  I live in the real world I will tell you now expect a few setbacks and heck even expect big setbacks. When this happens you need to have goals and a purpose to stay on track.  Otherwise you will give up.  


·                  Make time to set  goals

·                  Write them out

·                  Put them up somewhere obvious

·                  Create a Vision Board

·                  Tell a buddy to stay on track     

Final word

I will be checking in with you through out the year. To see how you are going.  

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