Late Paying Tenants 

Just before we went camping this month. I was speaking to one lady before going away and she was asking the question about tenants damage / insurance ect. 

She was horrified to find that I had one tenant who was two weeks behind in rent ($1000 in total)  – She could not comprehend that I had insurance if they don’t pay and that my property manager was onto it (as I had an email confirming that).  

Then when I told her I have a house at Rockhampton – Yes where the fires were.  What if the house burns down.  I think she expected me to stay at home a worry - WHY  We have insurance. There is smoke detectors in the house its well maintained.

As a small business owner she was used to chasing her own bad debts – with not much luck I gather. Then the fact that I can insurance against non paying customer ( Ie tenats who don’t pay)

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