Learn to Haggle



“Learn to Haggle Haggle Haggle

Did you see Jerry Harvey – on ACA on Monday night. Where he dressed up as an old guy and tried to get some customer service out of his sales staff.  And to try and negoate a deal.

He gave some very good negation  Tips

1.   You have time on your side.

2.   You don’t have to buy but he has to sell it.

3.   Know your price before you walk in the door

4.   Be prepared to walk away – There is always another deal.

The last tip is the most important. Be prepared to walk if you don’t get the deal you want on your terms.

Does this sound like property negations. It should 

 If Jerry Harvey can say you should always haggle the Haggle.  The guy is worth a few Billion.  He didn’t get rich by NOT Asking for a few discounts.

The place to learn to haggle is in a market in an Africa  or on the streets of Bali. IF you don’t have a spare $4000  for airfares and accommodation. Then the next best place is at a local flee market or Yard sale. Take $20 only and see what you can get.  Try to find items that may have real value.

A few Key Questions  

1.    Is that the best price you can do?

2.    What else will you throw in for FREE if I buy now.

3.    Do you have anything else I may want to buy.

Be prepared to WALK it is only JUNK. $20 is a small price to hone you neiatating skills. 


Yes I know it was great marketing / publicity stunt. And I’m just helping add to his publicity. 


Take the what ever you buy and donate it to the Salvation Army.

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