Have you thought about the next 12 months.

What will you different. ?  Have you taken time out to plan ahead. ?

Here is my to 10 Tips for next financial year.

1.    Budget

Set a budget

Allow for Car repairs, Registration, Medical insurance, School Fees.

Plan to pay off debt. For example see how much it is cost you hats

2.    Review

Review your budget at least monthly, Get a $2 note book and write down where every dollar goes. I know it is not a great insight. But it will be a great insight to you when you go gee I spent $3000 on take away in the last 6 months.

3.    Set Aside Time.

Don't just set time to review where you money goes. Set aside time to plan your future. 99% of people do not do this yet will spend hours planning a 5 day family holiday.

Take the time to look at these areas:
        Health & Well being 
        Where do you want to be in the 6, 12 Months 3 Years ? 10 Years

4.    Read More
Read more it's free got to your local library. There is no need to spend great dollars on books save that for seminars.

5.    Expect Problems

Be realistic plan for problems. These could be your car need new tyres, having time off sick, or a friend or mate being negative.

6.    Me Time

Set aside me time

7.    Set Goals

Set goals  for your future this should tie in with looking at your future. Goals will give you direction. No need to be goal NAZI. Make a goal board. Get some cardboard from a craft shop & cut out pictures of what you want in your life. Then put this up somewhere easy to see every day. You will be amazed what comes in you life.
8.    Look After Your Health

With out your health you have nothing.
9.    Less Is More

Do you need the extra 3 TV's ?

10.     Take action

Stop spending endless hours on the internet. Looking for the new shining idea.
Take action don't say it's hopeless. A little win will make you feel great just built on that. The future will only change if you change.

It just takes little steps. Why get buy a note book to record your expenses. Book in an hour review on a Friday night to discuss you finances & your future goal. Do this for the next 90days. Then it will become a habit..

Remember expect a few set backs. just keep going.

Good Luck for the next 12 Months Paul

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