“Protect Your Credit Rating better than your Children”

        You need to protect your credit file just as well as you would protect your children’s life.  If you get a bad credit file it stop you from moving forward in life. I’m not talking about not paying a $20 000 car loan.

Something as simple as an unpaid $200 electricity bill a few years ago stops you or an unpaid telephone account.  That should scare you. You thought I was talking about a large unpaid bill. Not a simple bill of a few hundred dollars.  

  Scary isn’t it. Have I got you thinking about when you last moved house. Did you check to see that you had really paid your final account?.

   What if you are a young 20YR old who moves into a share house and then moves out and leaves the phone on in there name. What will happen when they go and car loan in a couple of years. ??  

        Are you one of those people who forgot to pay an electrical bill awhile back and been refused a car or home loan.  Now you start to see why. Of course they don’t have to tell you why they refused it.

      With banks being very tough at the moment. They don’t need your business. They can pick and choose customers.

Are you one of the people REJECTED by the Banks. 

Part 2 next month 

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