“How to Restore & Protect your Credit Rateing ”

(Following on from last month)

        If you have had a problems with your credit the first time you will know is when the bank say Thanks But No Thanks.

That will stop your investing future for years.

The simplest way to protect your credit file is to know what you obligations are. When you need to pay them. Set a up a direct debt account. Us that account for all you regular bills ie Telephone, Rego , Life insurances, Home & contents, Power bill.

  Yes it might cost and extra $3 per month So what the aim is to be able to look at the account and see the same bill debt every months & same amount or close too. Then one bill does not get paid. Guess what you have a problem, it is easily spotted. 

Then pay the Bill. This occurs sometimes when credit cards expire. (Don’t ask me why they don’t call you. There are more than happy to have someone ring UP to get you buy a Mobile Phone)

  HINT – This is great for budgeting.

To stop this problem you can sign up to get a copy of your credit from 


For about $40 a year they will send you an email if some one puts a record on your file good or bad.  This would help if some stole your identity documents and goes and tried to get a $50 000 credit card in your name.

f you have major credit issues then you need a specialist broker or a lawyer who will write a letter on your behalf saying “ Hey I have paid that please remove or Put Paid on my Credit file”.

        If you do nothing then please get a copy of your credit file.

   At least see what they say about you. It costs nothing

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