“Plenty of Choice for First Home Buyers” 

   First Home buyers are not short of choices. There are plenty to choose from. Here is just a few I found with only 2 hours research.

2 Bed Unit $185,000

· Un-renovated  Small Complex

· New Kitchen would add $30,000+

· Mortgage payment Per week $280

2 Bed Cottage $399,000

· 8KM to Brisbane CBD, Quite street.

· Un-renovated / Land Value

· Rental $330pw as is.

· Mortgage payment per week $580

2 Bed Unit $299,000 

Deposit $15,000, Mortgage $450pw

· 5km to CBD

· 6 in complex

 As you can see there is plenty of choices. Do these properties need work—YES.  Personally I think there is nothing better to get started than a low cost property in need of MINOR work .

  What do they have in common low cost & in    capital growth corridors. I hope this gets some people thinking.  This was only a few— there is plenty more out there for you find.  GO FOR IT.

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