This report in summary says that by the year 2020. There will a housing shortage.

Considering this is 2011. That is not a long time away.

If you would like to read the full report click here.

Has this got you thinking ?? Yes it is doom & gloom today.

But what about in the future. Will people still want to live in houses YES.

If they can't afford to buy then they will only have one choice RENT.

Everything I do is based on is there a high demand for rentals. YES.  If so then I'm vary positive on property.
Funny how no one is mentiong what the vacancy rates is.Very low for the right king of property.
Over priced is just sitting there. So all those people who bought  $600,000 units are now hurting.

Not much demand for $600pw 2 bed units.  

Ouch and it gets better theyhave gone down in value and the bodycorp is still $5000 a year +.  


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