How to Use Tuesday's RBA Winfall

You should know by now that the official interest rates went down by 0.25%. So in theory you should be saving an extra $50pw on the average Australian Mortgage.

The question is after Tuesdays Massive winfall from the RBA what do you do with that
extra $50 per month.

In the spirit of always being the help full feller I am here are a few ideas:

-Go to the Big M and waste some more money on Junk food. (no buy a good cook book)  
-Get the lawn mowed once a month. (Note to self very good idea,This will save the wife getting a sore back ***SMILE***)
- Get a Carton of Crown Lager at the end of the month.
- Buy Travel insurance when next travelling with QANTUS.
- Go to MR Harvey Norman and buy another PLASMA TV on interest FREE ( Just kidding DO NOT DO that)
- Buy a book on how to make money and apply what you learn. Better still keep the money and borrow the book from the library
- Go and buy 15 minutes of a good accountants time.
- Take a mentor out to lunch and ask them for ideas & an action plan to help you move forward.
 - Invest in an online education course like mine for $47 per month.
- Oh what fun we can have with $50.

Know I know I should say use it to pay off bad debt like a Credit Card. - Great idea. if that happens.

No my plan is very Simple - Do nothing.

Keep the extra $10 a week up on my home loans. As that will help to reduce the time left on the loan.

Or a better way to look at is you are  getting a $500 a year Bonuses (10X 52weeks)
So why waste it. Most people will I'm saddened to say.

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