Hey guess what interest rates dropped today !

Will the banks pass on the cut?  not sure.

Should this stop you ?

I don't think so as most people today would not know what their interest rate is or their repayments are. (Unless you are on my email list)

Personally I don't know any first homebuyers (or investors)  waiting for  a 0.25% cut to decide if they will buy or not. 

It all comes down to the property deal 

  • What is it worth to them
  • Will it rent easy no matter what  
  • Will the bank valuer like
  • Is it in a growth area long term not just today. 
  • Can  I afford it if interest rates move up again.
The basics are still what is important not a discount on interest rates

(not that I would say no to a reduction it if the terms were right) .

Now saying that there are some great fixed rates at the moment in my humble opinion.  

Planning 2012

Have you started thinking about 2012. 

Remember in 30 days time the silly season will be over again.  

Keep an eye out for my 2012 plan

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