Should I Let a Friend Rent My Property -Only If You Want It To End Badly

Why do I say this?   Because from my experience 99% of the time things end bad.

People seem to forget  it is a business transaction.

When people forget that it is a business transaction -  things can go bad.
 They take advantage of others, albeit  not deliberately,but it does happen.

For Example 
  Painting a room and going it's ok John won't mind - only to find out  it's bright PINK 

  Not looking after the pool - Its OK Mary won't mind

  We can pay the rent late -  Mum doesn't need it

  There is no need for a contract. It'll be Ok (The worst thing to do is not have a signed lease)
 It's alright,  I will go over to Bob's house and tell him the rent will be late. He won't mind I'm his friend.

 It's OK we can have a party - We won't get thrown out if things get out of hand.

My personal hate is - "Hi Fred can you come over and fix the tap. No I haven't told the property manager I didn't want to bother them"  (You are happy to bother me)

When people do that, things go south very quick. 

How do you stop this happening ??  Simple - Don't Rent To Friends. 

If you are tempted Just ask yourself " Do I want to kick my friend out & then see them at a BBQ"?    No you don't.

Personally I never want to have that conversation. Do you ?

I'm not saying all people are like that.  I just never want to be in that position.  


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