Rents Have Moved Up
One of the people I visited has bought his 3rd property this year, He bought it  back in January when were being flooded up here in QLD..

He was very excited when we caught up as he had justed increased his ren. (He was just as excited back in January when he signed the contract)

He bought a 2 bedroom unit in a small complex, It was about 10 years old. 

The unit is within walking distance to: 
   A major Westfields that was under going a renovatins.
   To the train station, local cafes, parks.
   Other more exspensive homes & units

He negiotated a price of $240,000.   (It was on the market for offers over $280,000+)

At the time it was renting for $300pw. He knew when he bought it that the rent was low back then.

He has just recently rented it for $350pw. 

He is just waiting to see if a similiar one in the same complex has sold for $285,000.  He was not 100% sure when we last spoke, But hey not bad for his 3rd property.  

How did he do it ???

He applied what he had learnt in the year I coached him. He didn't rush off and buy the first thing he saw.

He did all the leg work long before he signed a contract.  
I see to many people rushing off looking at properties that are never going to be a deal.
Are you wasting time too???
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Now is there a guarantee it will go up in value - Of course not, but he has put the odds in his favour.

The Magic was that he TOOK ACTION. 

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