Not All Property Managers Are Equal.

Last month I had a property manager just suddenly leave. No warning

Why did she leave, she wanted to be closer to where she lived.
 Now the bad part was that she was a very good property manager.

Property managers have a high turn over. Who wants to get paid $45,000 a year to look after 100+ Properties where the majority of phone calls are people complaining.

Now some get paid $60,000 a year, except they look after 150 + properties and are expected to bring in more rentals. - Think of the Pressure.

Property Managers leaving happens regularly.

So what should you do to prepare.

Plan for it ( have good records ie ask for a copy of the lease, the last inspection etc)

Have a back up property manager in mind from another agency.

The best defence is to stay in contact with the office. Make sure they know who you are, you don't want to ring up and have someone ask who are you again?

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