“Too Much Stress Is Bad “

Stress is a Killer in today’s society. Don’t believer me have a look around.  

7 Tips For Less Stress Success is about the journey not the destination. How is your journey going.  Are you stressed out or enjoying the journey ? 

These are my 7  Tips For  less Stress

1)    Allocate time for yourself everyday
    o    Exercise, 
    o    Rest,
    o     Meditation (or Me Time)
2)    Break down tasks into manageable chunks
                o    You can’t do it all so don’t try.
3)    Smile
4)    Work is for Work Hours only Not home.
5)    Eat well- Small regular meals
6)    Remember we are all imperfect
        o    Forgive yourself & others
7)    What’s really important to you, are you living it every day. ?

This is only a guide, what do your need to change in your life. Feel free to add to the list, there is no perfect solution.  

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