Top 10 Money Wasters - When trying to save money.

1.  Pay TV                                                               $ 500 
2. Getting the newspapers Delivered                         $2,000
3. Getting the grass Cut.                                         $1,000
4. Rego on a Spare Trailer you never use.                   $250
5. Buying a books.  (go to the library)                          $300
6. Late Fees on DVD's                                               $200
7. Speeding Fines                                                      $150
8. Paying off a speed boat (You never use.)                   $3,000          (Sell it )
9. Buying Exspensive Furniture                                $4,000          (Make do or buy Op shop at the start)
10. Trendy Cloths with Loggos                                  $3,000         (Buy no brand good quility will do)

Wow what a list. There is a good $10,000 in savings there at least.

Give it 12 months and you could afford to buy your first home.

Yet I know many people on $100,000+ who have great toys. yet have no ASSETS. 

A Jet ski is not an asset. 

Everyone has a choice. What will be yours??

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