Why Property is a Great Business

(Carried from last post)

Bad Debts  - I can insure against tenants not paying - $250 to $300 a year.

Called Landlord insurance

Business Burning down – I can insure against most things - $800 in the Rocky example.

No Employees – I have a couple of Part time contractors ie my Property manager and they work for peanuts. 

Saleable – Not recommended but in most cases you can sell you property for more than you bought it for.

I bet a lot of small business owners wished their business ran as well and for such low cost as do our properties. The real magic is that most people who start with one find it easy to buy more. I wonder how many small business owners can say the same. – NONE

Ps  my property manager rang to say the house and the tenant was OK.

 I wonder did every other landlord get a phone call for peace of mind I think not

Names & jobs changed to protect there identity.

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